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Barrister Link Shortlisted for ‘Excellence in Innovation’ at East Midlands Chamber Business Awards

Editors PickBarrister Link Shortlisted for 'Excellence in Innovation' at East Midlands Chamber Business Awards

Barrister Link is delighted to announce its shortlisting for the prestigious ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award at the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards. This recognition comes as the company prepares for the first phase launch of its ground-breaking platform, set to revolutionise the legal sector.

Barrister Link introduces bespoke technology designed with smarter agile methods in mind. This innovative platform offers a fresh approach to delivering legal services, providing clients with freedom and flexibility, or “Airbnb for barristers,” Barrister Link is poised to disrupt traditional models and redefine how barristers and clients connect and collaborate.

The brainchild of Founder and CEO, Paul Wright, Barrister Link emerged as a response to the challenges posed by the global pandemic. Months of rigorous research and development have culminated in the platform’s first phase launch, supported by the successful precedent set by Quartz Barristers, a digital-first barristers’ chambers.

Paul Wright, who brings extensive experience as a clerk to the venture, explained the genesis of Barrister Link, saying, “The idea for Barrister Link started during the pandemic. After months of research and development, we’re now commencing our first phase launch, bolstered by the success of Quartz.”

He added, “Quartz has demonstrated a market and a need for an easy solution to connect barristers to clients across the UK while maintaining the independence of barrister users and their chambers. I’ve been a clerk for a long time, and I know how useful a platform that improves access to legal expertise could be, so we’ve built it.”

The ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award nomination underscores Barrister Link’s commitment to advancing the legal sector and embracing modern technological solutions. The platform’s disruptive approach is set to create new opportunities for barristers and clients alike, fostering greater accessibility and efficiency in legal services.

The team at Barrister Link are grateful to the East Midlands Chamber Business for this prestigious recognition and look forward to continuing our journey towards transforming the legal landscape.


About Barrister Link: Barrister Link is a ground-breaking platform that leverages bespoke technology and agile methodologies to connect barristers with clients, offering flexibility and accessibility in legal services. Founded by Paul Wright, Barrister Link is set to redefine how legal expertise is accessed and delivered, contributing to innovation within the legal sector.




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