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Individuals wishing to obtain legal representation  should  go directly to a barrister. This can be done without having to involve an instructing solicitor or other intermediary. In the past it was necessary for clients to use a solicitor or other recognised third party through whom the barrister would be instructed. Although the barrister’s role remains essentially the same, members of the public may instruct a barrister directly through the public access scheme.

Using a barrister

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Direct Access – Mountford Chambers – London Barristers
Mountford Chambers
Mountford Chambers has a number of barristers who are specifically qualified to accept instructions on a ‘Direct Access‘ (also known as ‘Public Access‘)

Lincoln House Chambers
If you come to us direct and yours is a case that would benefit from having a solicitor we will be able to recognise that fact. Furthermore, we will know from our years of experience of working closely with the best solicitors in the country, precisely who to recommend to you.
You have everything to gain by coming to us first for advice.
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