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BSB launches its Anti-Racist Strategy 2024-2027

Following on from the publication of its Anti-Racist...

The State of English Justice

“Oh dear, how sad, never mind.”  This...

BSB implements amendments to widen its powers to protect the public

In June 2023, the BSB issued a consultation...


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Leading barristers chambers announces team restructure

Breaking NewsLeading barristers chambers announces team restructure

A well-defined strategy to marry Chancery and commercial expertise at the highest level has driven Serle Court’s evolution and success over its lifetime. In the 23 years since Chambers was founded by merger of Thirteen Old Square (Chancery) and One Hare Court (commercial), practice at the Bar has become significantly more competitive, and clerking, business development and Chambers administration much more sophisticated.

Serle Court appointed one of its members, Kathryn Purkis as Chambers Director in April 2022. In so doing, Chambers demonstrated how much importance members attach to the implementation of their strategic vision, now and for the future. Following Head Clerk Steven Whitaker’s recent retirement, Kathryn now heads practice management and support services in Chambers to ensure a fully integrated service to our barristers and clients.

A number of new staff roles have recently been created, which will propel Chambers forward over the next decade. Today, Serle Court is delighted to announce that their practice management team will be led by joint Practice Directors Nick Hockney and Dan Wheeler. They will be supported in their leadership of the practice management team by the new Deputy Practice Director, Emma Quin. All three will work closely with the new Business Development Director, Charlotte Davidson, and Head of Operations, David Ruben to provide a seamless and excellent service in Chambers’ usual friendly, courteous, accessible and professional style.

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