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BSB launches its Anti-Racist Strategy 2024-2027

Following on from the publication of its Anti-Racist...

The State of English Justice

“Oh dear, how sad, never mind.”  This...

BSB implements amendments to widen its powers to protect the public

In June 2023, the BSB issued a consultation...


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 Edward Henry KC of Mountford Chambers – Available to provide expert legal commentary on topics and issues of the day.

Breaking News Edward Henry KC of Mountford Chambers - Available to provide expert legal commentary on topics and issues of the day.

Edward Henry KC of Mountford Chambers is a highly experienced legal commentator for TV, radio, online articles, and newspapers who is representing 5 former sub postmasters/mistresses at the Post Office Horizon Inquiry.

He is available to speak with journalists, editors, and TV researchers on all topics relating to criminal law and matters which have social justice issues at the heart of them. Unlike many other barristers, he is comfortable speaking with the press, in a manner that is  engaging, eloquent and authoritative.

He has appeared on BBC News, BBC Newsnight, Sky News, ITV News, ITN, Five Live, News 24, The Moral Maze, The Times, The Cross Examination Podcast and GB News. Edward Henry KC routinely appears in many of the high-profile cases of the day that often attract media attention.

His capacity to think outside of the box means he often argues novel and successful points of law. Edward is currently instructed to defend a high-profile celebrity in relation to historic Operation Yew Tree allegations.

Post Office Scandal

In 2022 he defended one of eight post-masters/mistresses prosecuted in the alleged £226 million money laundering enterprise involving the Post Office Horizon. To date this is the largest money laundering allegation in British criminal history.

Since then, he has gone on to represent 5 of them at the now infamous Post Office Inquiry which saw him help to uncover the truth behind the reputational and financial deviation of the innocent men and women he represents. At the Post Office Inquiry he said, “Treat these people with dignity… a dignitarian approach, not a pragmatic approach… what is momentum if we set the wrong tone at the outset. I’m afraid I can’t use the analogy of a puppy as the Post Office is a far more sinister and malevolent animal.”

Edward recent wrote about the latest evidence Alan Bates gave at the inquiry, once again showcasing his adept expertise on the case:

ARTICLE – “It should be buried at any cost this court case”.

Andrew Malkinson, wrongful conviction for rape quashed after 17 years in prison

In 2023 he represented Andrew Malkinson in his Court of Appeal case which saw the successful quashing his conviction for rape that led to him serving 17 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. This high profile case is regarded as a significant turning point in highlighting disclosure failures by the police leading to miscarriages of justice.

Other high-profile cases

  • R v Asad Bhatti:

Defending a financial analyst who has been sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of possessing bomb-making materials.

  • Daniel Rawson:

Defending in the largest money-laundering allegation in British Criminal History. Edward defended one of eight people accused of being part of an alleged £266 million money laundering enterprise.

  • Representing retired Detective Chief Superintendent in Stephen Lawrence case:

The CPS decided not to charge four retired Metropolitan Police Officers over their handling of the investigation into Stephen Lawrence’s murder.

Edward Henry KC

As King’s Counsel, Ed is known for his huge intellect, compassion and astonishing advocacy skills. He is charming, passionate, and is described in Legal 500 as having a “brain the size of a planet”. He has a phenomenal track record in representing people in complex subject areas and has a “character of a type they don’t make anymore” making him “enthralling in court.” (Legal 500, 2022).

Interview Information

Edward Henry KC is available for interview either in person, over the phone or via video link. He can offer his expert legal commentary on the topics and issues of the day.

All media enquiries should be directed Scala:
Managing Director: [email protected]
PR Executive: [email protected]
Office: 0114 4070159

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