A-Z Barristers Chambers

A – E

Chambers Location Head of Chambers
Abbey Chambers Shepperton Arthur James
Academy Chambers London Marion Lonsdale
Acre Lane Neighbourhood Chambers London Neelim Sultan
Albany Chambers London Pamela Lawrence
Albion Chambers Bristol Neil Ford QC
ADR Chambers London Ian Duggan
Alexander Barristers Chambers London
1 Alfred Street – 3 Paper Bldgs Oxford Tim Lamb QC Richard Tyson
Amicus Chambers Middlesbrough Derek Hall
Angel Chambers Swansea Geraint Walters
Arbitration Chambers London John Tackaberry QC
Arden Chambers London Andrew Arden QC
Ashtead Park Chambers Surrey Khalid Ishmael
Assize Court Chambers Bristol Eric Waley
Atkin Chambers London Robert Akenhead QC
Atkinson Bevan Chambers London Nicholas Atkinson QC
Atlantic Chambers Liverpool Andrew Edis QC
Atlas Tax Chambers London Keith Gordon

Bank House Chambers Sheffield Peter Kelson QC
BarristerWeb Sir Nicholas Bonsor
Timothy Wallis
18 Barristers Chambers Southampton Ashley Ailes
Becket Chambers Canterbury Management Committee
25 Bedford Row London Rock Tansey QC
7 Bedford Row London David Farrer QC
36 Bedford Row London Frances Oldham QC
33 Bedford Row London David Barnard
2 Bedford Row London William Clegg QC
9 Bedford Row London Anthony Berry QC
17 Bedford Row London Allan Levy QC
29 Bedford Row Chambers London Nicholas Francis QC
42 Bedford Row London Frank Feehan QC
7 Bell Yard London David Wolchover
9-12 Bell Yard London Lord Carlile QC
Bell Yard Chambers London Philip Sutton
Blackstone Chambers London Ian Mill QC Thomas Beazley QC
4 Brick Court London Janet Mitchell
1 Brick Court London Richard Rampton QC
4 Bream Buildings London Michael Boardman QC
Brick Court Chambers London Jonathan Sumption QC Jonathan Hirst QC
Bridewell Chambers London Colin Challenger
Broad Chare Chambers Newcastle upon Tyne Patrick J. Cosgrove QC
Broadway House Chambers Bradford Graham Hyland QC
Broadway House Chambers Leeds Graham Hyland QC
Byrom Street Chambers Manchester Benet Hytner QC

College Chambers Southampton Robin Belben
12 College Place Southampton
25 Castle Street Liverpool Stephen Riordan QC
Cathedral Chambers Newcastle upon Tyne Geoffrey Knowles
Cathedral Chambers Newport Christopher Mckay
Central Chambers Manchester 0161 236 1133
Chambers of Wilfred Foster-Jones London 020 7831 0037
Chancery Chambers London Paul Kishore
33 Chancery Lane London Andrew Mitchell QC
Chancery House Chambers Leeds Adrian Dent
Charter Chambers London Stephen Solley QC
Chartlands Chambers Northampton Jane Page Joy Pinkham
Charterhouse Chambers Liverpool Nick Roberts
Chatham House Chambers Chatham Samuel Owusu-Afriyie
Chavasse Court Chambers Liverpool Theresa Pepper
Chichester Chambers Chichester Lucinda Davis
Citadel Chambers Birmingham Andrew Fisher
Clapham Chambers London Beebee N. Hamid James P Ramdhun
Claremont Chambers Wolverhampton Jonathan Edwards
Clarendon Chambers London Gay Martin
Clarendon Chambers Northampton Gay Martin
Clock Chambers Wolverhampton Prof. John Ritson
Cloisters London Brian Langstaff QC/ Robin Allen QC
Cobden House Chambers Manchester Roger Farley QC
College Chambers Southampton Robin Belben
12 College Place Southampton
Colleton Chambers Exeter Martin Meeke QC
Colleton Chambers Taunton Martin Meeke QC
Coram Chambers London Roger McCarthy QC
Conference Chambers Harrow Ryan Clement
47 Corn Street Bristol Tim Lamb QC Richard Tyson
Cornwall Street Chambers Birmingham Roger D.H. Smith QC
Crown Office Chambers London Michael Spencer QC/ Christopher Purchas QC
1 Crown Office Row London Philip Havers QC
Crown Office Row Chambers Brighton Philip Havers QC

Deans Court Chambers Preston Stephen Grime QC
Deans Court Chambers Manchester Stephen Grime QC
Design Chambers London Richard Hodgson
Devereux Chambers London Colin Edelman QC
Devon Chambers Plymouth John Bush
Dinas Chambers Swansea Nicola Powell
Doughty Street Chambers London Geoffrey Robertson QC
3 Dr Johnsons Buildings London Richard Vain
Durham Chambers Durham Anthony Braithwaite
Dyers†Chambers London Michael Gledhill QC

East Anglian Chambers Chelmsford David Pugh
East Anglian Chambers Colchester David Pugh
East Anglian Chambers Norwich David Pugh
East Anglian Chambers Ipswich David Pugh
Eastbourne Chambers Eastbourne Gregory Szanto
Ely Place Chambers London Ronald Thwaites QC
Enterprise Chambers Leeds Bernard Weatherill QC
Enterprise Chambers London Bernard Weatherill QC
Enterprise Chambers Newcastle upon Tyne Bernard Weatherill QC
Equity Chambers Birmingham Balbir Singh
Erskine Chambers London Robin Potts QC
5 Essex Court London Simon Freeland QC
1 Essex Court London Lord Grabiner QC
1 Essex Court London Bitu Bhalla Tony Baldry
Essex Court Chambers London Gordon Pollock QC
23 Essex Street Chambers London Charles Miskin QC
39 Essex Street London Robert Jay QC
Stephen Tromans QC
20 Essex Street London Iain Milligan QC
Exchange Chambers Liverpool David Turner QC
Bill Braithwaite QC
Henry Globe QC
Exchange Chambers Manchester David Turner QC
Bill Braithwaite QC Henry Globe QC
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